Batman Beyond is Forced to Destroy Bruce Wayne!

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Terry McGinnis is forced to take down Bruce Wayne Batman, in the Batman: Beyond the White Knight series finale!


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43 thoughts on “Batman Beyond is Forced to Destroy Bruce Wayne!

  1. This was such a great series. Been following the Sean Murphy Bat universe since the first White Knight miniseries and hoping he continues this universe for at least a couple more years.

  2. I love the potential this universe has just by switching the order of a few things but I'll always prefer batman alone or just with a single sidekick. The whole family thing is a bit mushy for my tastes but I get they're aging the comic with its audience etc and teaching core values so it is what it is

  3. I’m so glad they continued Batman beyond, people love this batman and it deserves more comic stories, and I would argue another cartoon, a live action movie, or a video game

  4. I think the best moment for this issue was the final part where Powers is telling his forces about the Batmobile from Batman 89 saying "How in the world is that car still functional?"

    I think it's no secret that Sean Murphy is a fan of the Batman 89 movie, and I'll also like the brotherly Dynamic part between Jason and dick as a two of them argue like Gimli and Legolas from Lord of the Rings and they're doing a body count so to speak on who could rack up the most. And when Dick replied saying "I took out the most." Jason retorts saying "by using the Batmobile which still counts as one."