Batman Beyond Movie Needs To Happen NOW!

There has never been a more prefect time to release a Batman Beyond movie. In todays video I fight the case for why WB need to get to work on a Batman Beyond live action feature right away! There is no time to waste!!

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34 thoughts on “Batman Beyond Movie Needs To Happen NOW!

  1. It would be interesting to flesh out the future of the DC with Batman Beyond and the Justice League of his time and then go back to Bruce Wayne’s time for prequels. I also liked the new intro and outro.

  2. Hey there Batcave just wanted to say I really enjoyed the new opening that you had for this new video. I also just wanted to say that this video was really interesting and incredible. I thought your ideas were very well thought out and very interesting. I, myself was big Batman Beyond fan and definitely would enjoy seeing a live action movie or even a new animated movie for Batman Beyond, just because I feel like the tie in to the Justice League Unlimited series was wonderful, but also lacked a little something.
    Anyways thanks for this video and can't wait to see more Batman related videos from you soon. Please take care and have great day. Peace out and Stay Vigilant.

  3. I would set beyond in the 89 universe with Michael Keaton as Bruce and a new up and coming actor as Terry and for the villain have derek powers as behind the scenes villain and for the main villain be a joker gang

  4. If I'm being honest I didn't hate Batman Beyond I just never could get into it. The torch was always going to be passed to one of the Robins, sorry just how I and quite a few others see it. Brass tax though I LOVE the idea of Burton and Keaton together and that would definitely be what makes the movie. While Keaton isn't my favorite, as a kid of the 80's he was my first. (Yeah Adam West was in there and respect to him but there was no competing with Burtonverse) If there was ever a time its now. Let Tim finish what he started and send Keaton off as a true Dark Knight. The only problem is…who do you cast as Terry that could have been a perfect potential reboot Batman or Robin? Also if we got Burton, and I know this wasn't Batman Beyond cannon but, could we finally get a Marlon Wayans Robin like was originally planned for the 3rd installment? Great video reguardless.

  5. A Batman Beyond movie is probably the most wished for movie by 90s kids/babies. The only way it would not suck, though, is if Reeves did it after the Batman movies or if Tim Burton makes it. I’ve lost faith in Gunn after not just firing Ezra Miller for doing all the stuff he’s done. Gunn is putting greed and success over ethics and the suffering felt by Ezra’s victims. The groomer needs jail time, not an Emmy.

  6. I find it interesting that both Batman Beyond and Static Shock are in the same boat right now , both Batman Beyond and Static Shock we're huge successful animated shows at the time of their release but since their respective shows ended almost nothing has been done with their characters besides a few appearances in other media and despite fans around the world clamoring to want to finally see both Terry McGinnis and Virgil Hawkins both in live action movies these pleads seem to be going on deaf ears to WB which is really frustrating because both characters are so awesome but thank god at least James Gunn has said he has plans for Static in future so hopefully he has plans for Batman Beyond in the future too

  7. Personally, I think they are afraid to make a chance that Terry McGinnis will not sell money at the big screen. Batman beyond was special for the early 2000 kids. It never had the same success as the original series but it’s still very much loved.. I deeply want it. ⚫️🔴⚫️

  8. I’d want to see it be true to the source with minor changes like the former romantic relationship between Barbra and Bruce. Most importantly James Gunn can under NO circumstances have anything to do with it.