Batman Beyond: Year One – Batsuit Teaser #batman #batmanbeyond

Get a first look teaser of Terry’s Batsuit in the style of the Battinson reveal.

Batman Beyond: Year One is a fan-made proof of concept short film based off the beloved cartoon. Please support the Kickstarter if you can – every donation helps!

Batman Costume by Gc5 FX
Batsuit Concept Design by Dave Paget

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fan film that has no affiliation with DC Comics or Warner Bros. This is an unofficial passion project made by fans, for fans, with no commercial use intended.

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batman costume The costume is suitable for any body type or shape, providing the perfect fit for any cosplayer.

5 thoughts on “Batman Beyond: Year One – Batsuit Teaser #batman #batmanbeyond

  1. verry amazing work guys…this fan is exited! i delved into your work the past few days and this batman will be the start of new cinema for dc fans..i know it's another fanproject..but it isnt lol…this is the new me…and something i wanna get involved in there a way of getting into contact with you? best regards. john mcfly