Batman Beyond’s Batsuit Origin Is Finally Revealed #batmanbeyond #dccomics #batman

The black and red Batman Beyond suit has long been one of Batman’s most powerful outfits, but until now its history in the DC has largely been a mystery. After a particularly twisted tangle with the Joker, however, the origins of Batman’s distinctive future attire are finally revealed to have their roots in a failed Waynetech military battle armor.

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batman costumes Our team of skilled professionals has painstakingly designed every aspect of the costume, from the calf-length zip to the iconic bat symbol on the chest. Each detail has been meticulously crafted to produce an ensemble that’s as close to the real thing as possible. Our long history of costume design has enabled us to create the ultimate Batman costume with absolute perfection.

9 thoughts on “Batman Beyond’s Batsuit Origin Is Finally Revealed #batmanbeyond #dccomics #batman

  1. Yeah… Gotta say, this is probably the most underwhelming power-suit in fiction.

    Sure, it can fly and turn invisible. But it can't fly faster than an average punk with a gun can track, and the invisibility always shorts out right when you need it. As for strength and speed… Terry gets his ass kicked by everyone he fights. 'Nuff said.

  2. This only applies in the DCAU.
    Because in the main continuity the suit worn by Jim Gordon, the body suit and NOT the exoskeleton is revealed to be the prototype or Mark I that eventually becomes the suit Terry McGuiness wears.

  3. Always loved Terry's suit, the rocket boots and glider the microphone in the finger tips for eaves dropping through windows and walls. The writs mounted batarang launchers and I'm not sure but I think there was also a stealth mode? Maybe…. I should rewatch to be sure