Batman Beyond’s Origin (Terry McGinnis)

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20 thoughts on “Batman Beyond’s Origin (Terry McGinnis)

  1. I never actually got into Batman Beyond. The first time i was exposed to it was when I used the suit in Arkham City as a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and it having no cape is something I agree on heavily. I also watched Return of The Joker but couldn’t understand what was going on, it wasn’t until later and when I was older that I saw how fucking awesome it was. I’m glad I watched this video because it reignited my interest in this mythos

  2. I just gotta know what ink was like before all the criminal stuff or rather super villain stuff; after all considering how much money she had and how her own daughter was basically astranged from her and tried to kill her for her money later you just know something sus is going on

  3. Batman beyond Terry McGinnis is the definitive second Batman in my eyes Grayson was capable but just wasn't cut out to be Batman Terry wanted to be Batman 🦇

  4. It was always dope how it was thought that Andrea Beaumont (the phantasm) died in that fire with the joker but she showed up to almost kill terrys parents