classic harley quinn cosplay

The boots came without laces, so I found a pair of black & red printed ones on Amazon (so I only had to get one pair instead of two) for $4.98 including shipping. So I snagged a pair of them on Amazon (of course) in blonde for $19.98 with Prime shipping. I found a beautiful pair of printed leggings with exactly the right design from ToyAndFashion for $23.95 including shipping. I found a good black ruffled skirt (which needed altering, but I’ve recently acquired a sewing machine so I was excited to use it) for $5.40, a white puff-sleeve collared shirt with a built in corset-looking panel (that even ties with ribbon in the back) for $8.67, and a pair of black combat boots (with red zippers) also for $5.40 (all prices include tax). I sewed the arm bracers and modded the shirt and skirt myself, starting with a faux-suede fabric I found in both red and black at Hancock Fabrics (the backside of the fabric was a perfect shiny red, the closest I could come to the “right” color red. Con in September and the party was scheduled for October 17th. So I felt like we both needed to hit the jackpot at thrift stores to find most of our pieces in order to make these costumes work, instead of scouring eBay for weeks or months looking for the “right” stuff.

Harley fans may be aware of a few paparazzi set photos that leaked a few months ago, showing Margot Robbie filming as Harley Quinn in a red dress. When people dress up as her for Halloween or cosplays, it usually includes the Daddy’s Lil Monster shirt and the bat. Again, I not have way more than I need (though I plan to use some to poof out my Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern dress as well), buying 5.5 yards for $5.10 (on sale for 84 cents/yard). Either way, this is a cool way to spend quality time with all of them. By the way, a brand new Suicide Squad movie sequel directed by Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn is ready to come out later next year! This is the second time Holly has emulated the Suicide Squad character, nodding to the fact that Margot Robbie will return to the role again in 2020’s Birds Of Prey. The costume will likely be an easy do-it-yourself look for fans to pull together: a distressed top and bomber jacket, fishnet stockings and short shorts. For the suave, a classic vampire look will suit nicely.

The aforementioned teaser trailer featured Harley retaining her classic clown headdress as she first appeared in Batman: TAS. The garb was introduced along with the character in the immortal Batman: The Animated Series. She may have come a long way over the years, but for pretty much all Harley fans, Batman: The Animated Series is the definitive version. While you may get a little cold in the shorts, an easy way to warm up your Harley Quinn costume is with her signature jacket! We are absolutely sure that you may have many more questions, and the best way to quench your thirst is to get them all solved from various online resources. Integrate them completely. You have one heck of a group outfit. What we love most about these basic Halloween outfit ideas is the quantity of time they’ll save you in the long run. I also checked out a handful of existing cosplays for ideas on how to transform the animated character into real life. I got a container of that for $15.99 on Amazon with Prime shipping, enough to last both of us a handful of applications, easily.

Some pieces I used/purchased for these elements include: red spray paint (Krylon, from Michael’s, for $3.95 on sale), silver eyelets (from Hancock, $9.74 including a setting kit), rivets to hold all the strapping together ($6.75 for a pack of 100 on Amazon), curtain rings and buttons (both spray painted silver with Krylon metallic I had at home) for the strapping details, from Wal-Mart, $8.69 and $4.80, joker harley quinn costume respectively. At the same time I went ahead and got some white face paint – Wolfe Essentials brand was recommended to me by DivineDelphiFX who is my go-to for all things makeup and paint. It also occurred to me that if I bought ponytail extensions, plus size harley quinn costume I could pre-color those individually and attach them when needed instead of coloring my own hair separately each time I wore this costume. I also felt I needed more hair to fill out Harley’s pigtails. Social media also plays a big part as there are loads of amazing artists out there. There have been many iterations of Harley over the years. As a mom now we scour through Pinterest and GO ALL OUT in the details to be the best dressed or shelled out lots of money to have elaborate costumes.

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