DC Abandoned Batman Beyond? #dc #batman

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27 thoughts on “DC Abandoned Batman Beyond? #dc #batman

  1. The DC Universe is rebooting, but one project from before James Gunn’s reign is still in development, at least for now. That project is a new film based on the cult classic series, Batman Beyond.

  2. Batman beyond live action movie was going to release with micheal keaton as Old Bruce wayne and terry mcginnis as batman and after James Gunn came to DC it had been cancelled too bad wish it could been done

  3. In my honest opinion if i was handling dc i would do somewhat of a version of it though i would do dick grayson taking the mantle just because i never found terry to be interesting I think if you do dick coming back to bruce n finally taking the mantle itll be perfect if he was batman beyond especially after him going years as robin then knightwing and soon after that id do something like dick gets captured so the dark knight returns

  4. No live action for me please. They’ll probably fuck up perfection and make the suit look like crap. Animated or a game for sure though.

  5. Too many multi verse type crossover movies with marvel for it not to be a possibility.
    My thinking is since iron man came along, the producers believe they're too similar, mabey not…..

  6. They should of had it where battinson is terry instead and just have Keaton or Affleck train him🤷‍♂️n fuck it change up the storyline and bring him in a few years early🤷‍♂️

  7. The show is super popular, there is so much money they're just leaving on the table by not doing anything with the character. As much as I love Batman they love milking him, may as well make something a bit different with a Batman name still attached to it

  8. I have hope it'll happen in the DCU. If James Gunn already has an established bat family which makes batman old enough, I feel like it could happen in a couple of years from now or so

  9. Would be Awesome it have a Batman Arkham Beyond game that utilises Either a Heavily modded Unreal Engine 4 (Like Arkham Knight did with Unreal Engine 3) Or Unreal Engine 5. Imagine you playing as Terry Mcguiness (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) roaming a cyberpunk version of Gotham with Batman Arkham Knight's graphics but far better, and some Arkham Combat along with 3rd person shooting mechanics.