EARTH 12: Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond (DC Multiverse Origins)

Get a glimpse of 50 years into the future of the DCAU

Justice League Unlimited “Epilogue” (TV Series, S2, 2005)
Batman Beyond “Big Time” (TV Series, S3, 2000)
Batman Beyond “Eyewitness” (TV Series, S2, 2000)
Batman Beyond “Rebirth” (TV Series, S1, 1999)
Batman Beyond “The Call” (TV Series, S3, 2000)
Batman Beyond V4 no.1-3 (2011)
Batman Beyond 2.0 V1 no.1 (Aug 2013)
Superman Beyond no.13-20 (2012)
Superman The Animated Series “The Main Man” (1996)
Superman/Batman Annual no.4 (Aug 2010)
Batman Beyond Unlimited no.4-5 (July 2012)
Justice League Beyond no.21 (2013)
Batman Beyond “A Touch of Curare” (TV Series, S1, 1999)
Batman Beyond “Final Cut” (TV Series, S2, 1999)
Batman Beyond V2 no.9 (Aug 2000)
Batman Beyond Unlimited no.11 (Feb 2013)
Justice League Unlimited “The Ties that Bind” (S2, 2005)
Justice League Beyond no.6-16 (2012)
Batman Beyond Unlimited V1 no.7 (Oct 2012)
Justice League Beyond no.17 (2012)
Batman Beyond Unlimited no.1-10 (2012)
Justice League Beyond no.25 (June 2013)
Justice League Beyond no.17 (2012)
Justice League Beyond 2.0 (2014)
Justice League Beyond 2.0 no.4-8 (2013)
New Batman Adventures: “Sins of the Father” (1997)
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Movie, 2000)
Batman Beyond 2.0 Vol 1 27-29 (August 2014)
Batman Beyond Unlimited no.9-12 (2013)
Justice League Unlimited “The Once and Future Thing” (2005)

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44 thoughts on “EARTH 12: Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond (DC Multiverse Origins)

  1. unless there was something keeping him perpetually young, given that Billy Batson was the same age as Static and likely older than Tim Drake during the time of Justice League Unlimited if Static and Tim are middle aged and graying then so too is Billy Batson.

    it’s more likely that it’s Billy Batson Jr. who is the new Captain Marvel during the Batman Beyond timeline and not his father.

  2. Still not a big fan of how it turned out Bruce Wayne was Terry's secret biological father the whole time. It lessens the impact of Terry coming into his own as the New Batman despite the theme of choice and predistiny the reveal tried to have to prevent tonal whiplash

  3. Man I love DC so much. Way better than marvel in my opinion. Actually back in the 90s both sorta sucked but darkhorse in the 90s was so amazing. Literally 90s comics suck but darkhorse in the late 80s and 90s where friggin amazing. I am so fortunate to have grown up in the 90s and lived rite next to a darkhorse comics owned comic store called "things from another world". It was the best. They had all the Gundam models along with all other models for stuff like 40k, evangelion, patlabor, startrek, and starwars. They had an amazing manga collection too which pretty much wasn't a thing back in the 90s. Man I wish they came back

  4. You ever think that maybe at least PART of the reason why Terry's parents split is because his dad thought that his wife had stepped out on him, since Terry looked NOTHING like him?

  5. Feel like its not getting enough attention. Earth 12 Dick Grayson is particularly FIINE, like hes always potrayed as an absolute catch, but good lord did they age him like a fine wine🍷🤤

  6. Just imagine if tim drake had a technologically induced d.i.d between red hood aka the original tim drake of earth 12 and the joker that would be a complicated yet interesting version of the red hood and you can't really say that wouldn't work because he has an ever lasting drive to kill the joker because events are largely different in earth 12 maybe his willingness to kill is the byproduct of the technologically induced d.i.d since its technologically induced it doesn't have the exact same symptoms or maybe its a byproduct of the joker jr events its just an interesting thought

  7. I am pretty sure Hawkgirl -she Yara Hal shed her thanagar armor after she exiled with Dr. Fate ,Amazo. She had real feathered wings like her Thanagar people not Nth metal only armor. I think I remember a JL or JLU episode where Sheyara was hurt in a serious battle with her wings damaged and in pain couldn't fly. My only theory why Rex Stewart-Warhawk didn't have thanagar wings was of his Bi-species genetics favoring more human ones. I don't know

  8. That angers me so much that the Gaurdians recalled John’s ring for murdering the shadow thief. Earth is HIS jurisdiction as the Green Lantern of sector 2126, it’s HIS to protect so long as he doesn’t abuse his power for personal gain like how Sinestro took over Korugar and ruled it as a dictator for years.
    John literally saved lives by eliminating the shadow thief – who knows how many such a powerful creature would’ve killed had it been left alive? the only reason I can think of them recalling his ring is due to use of deadly force, but even then he didn’t kill the Thief with his ring, he killed it with the Nth metal bullet, which fair enough he used his ring to do so, but it was still the bullet and not the ring.
    The Guardians are a bunch of tiny hypocrites no matter what universe they’re in.