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Now that the young lady in your life has decided she wants to be Harley Quinn, you need the stylish wig to complete the Suicide Squad costume look. I’m sure their show will delight both the young and young at heart. Make it bold and noticeable, and don’t forget the iconic, small heart drawn under one eye. It is one size fits most. This junior teenage size version of the Harley Quinn costume includes an attractive black/red dress, stockings, sleeve glovelets, eye mask, and headpiece. If you purchase the costume on Amazon, just look for the “Size Chart” link when you go to select your size. Bat only, does not include costume or any other accessories. Dress up in the latest movie-look with our movie inspired Harley Quinn Outfit, head back to the 90’s and don the original character look with our Classic Harley Quinn Costume, or create your own costume with a signature Harley Quinn jacket, wig, stockings and an accessory such as a mallet or baseball bat. For a truly authentic look, you may also want to pick up a Harley Quinn Suicide Squad bat.

Two Stormtroopers posing Wooden prop bat to be used for your Arkham Knight Harley Quinn costume. It was on September 11, 1992 that she appeared on Batman: The Animated Series in the jester-inspired Harley Quinn costume that is now so iconic. She was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, and first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series back in 1992. Harley is usually seen as the Joker’s girlfriend and as an adversary to Batman, and she is often depicted with a strong New York accent. Harley’s original getup remains one of the absolute best designs in all of comics, realized to perfection by legendary artist Bruce Timm. If you want to dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween, one last thing you’ll want to do is your makeup. The Rubies Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume comes with the classic blue and red jacket, sequin shorts, and Daddy’s Lil Monster shirt. Keep in mind, the Daddy’s Lil Monster shirt isn’t a complete shirt; it is attached to the jacket. Depending on how accurate you want your costume to be, you can get jewellery, belts, and cuffs, but if you want to keep it simple, just pick up a baseball bat and sling it over your shoulder.

None of that sounds so bad until you consider just how insane and dangerous this super-villain truly is when she wears her iconic “Daddy’s Lil Monster” shirt and wields her graffiti-covered bat around. To help your daughter copy the supervillain, avoid the skimpier outfits Harley Quinn sometimes wears. The character’s name is taken from the word “Harlequin,” as she wears black and red outfits similar to that of a Harlequin. Harley’s name is a play on words of the harlequin character from classic Italian commedia dell’arte. We even have Harley’s costumes available from the Arkham City and Arkham Asylum video games. Harley Quinn’s origin story revolves around how she met the Joker when she was working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, with the Joker as a patient. “I had actually never met a cosplayer until I began this project,” he tells us. Filming on the superhero sequel began back in September in Georgia.

And the talented make-up artist has even managed to turn her five-year-old son into a superhero too – as seen in this incredible picture of him as Batman. As a popular female additional to the superhero and villain scene, Harley Quinn makes a great character to dress up as for both Halloween and Cosplay. Take Halloween by storm this year as a swarm of villains with your daughter at the helm as Harley Quinn Our Teen Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume can help you do just that. We also have a wide range of Batman Costumes, Suicide Squad costumes and other villains and heroes from the DC universe. But there’s one Suicide Squad character who will be one of the hottest costumes of the 2016 Halloween season. One side of bra is red, the other black. Unleash your own wild side with our vibrant collection of Harley Quinn costumes and fancy dress accessories for adults and kids. Cheeky at first but she has a wild side! In the Suicide Squad movie released on August 5, 2016, “a secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated criminals to form a defensive task force, with their first case leading to a potential apocalypse.” The movie is full of fascinating and polarizing characters including Joker, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Katana, Captain Boomerang, and more.