Hot Toys Batman XE Suit Batman Arkham Origins Unboxing & Review

Hot Toys Batman Arkham Origins XE Suit Batman 1/6 Scale Action Figure Unboxing and Full Review @Hot Toys Official

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40 thoughts on “Hot Toys Batman XE Suit Batman Arkham Origins Unboxing & Review

  1. This is annoying to me they made batman from Arkham Knight different versions even Arkham Knight with Red hood helmet. Heck even Deathstroke and Arkham Knight Batman beyond. But they can’t make Arkham Origins normal Batman suit hot toys figure. Witch I think is the coolest normal Batman suit out of all of the Arkham games ( because the games have like movie and comic skins)

  2. So this beautiful definitely beautiful in game. Just hate that they have it where the heat part is already there but in game the orange means thermal mode so it should’ve been no orange and just make that addable.

  3. I cancelled my pre-order “the Batman” figure for this Batman XE suit instead. I actually did not like “the Batman” and am much more attached to the video game Batman figures…not to mention this is absolutely beautiful. 😎

    Update: I could not help myself I just went ahead and purchased this Batman XE and also pulled the trigger and paid off my pre-order for “the Batman” Deluxe version as well. 😎
    It will be a few Months before I can afford another figure…at least my points from Hot Toys is pretty high right now. :)>

  4. Love this release overall- packed with detail. Thank you for pointing out the pleather cape- it’s one isue that could have been easily fixed. Printed texture, HT, not pleather! 😂

  5. I'm more of a Marvel fan boy but this one literally made me yell "HOLY FUCKING JESUS FUCKING SHIT CHRIST."

    Stunning. Scared to look up how much this might cost. Incredible collectible.


  6. The termite is divided in pieces as a reference to the game. Freeze builds an ice wall that Batman can't break even with the new suit, so he has to go after this termite in order to advance, but each part is located separately. It's busy work but is a really enjoyable three hours DLC.
    The only things missing in this figure is a heated up batarang and a head without the mouth plate, but it's already a perfect figure in my book.

  7. While I haven't played the Arkham games, I DO like the suits featured. The Hot Toys figures of the suits are nice, but the Prime1Studio statues of the Arkham Series suits are gorgeous!!

  8. Hey justin i was wondering to get a 1/6th action figure for my birthday i was just gonna ask because you know whats better about details (i bought toys based on you say if its either good or not in all videos) dam toys godfather golden year, star ace homelander and vts toys arthur morgan