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35 thoughts on “It’s NOT called BATMAN BEYOND

  1. Ireland here, and I presume most of our childhood cartoons were the same as those used in the UK. Thought I was going crazy because I distinctly remember it as “Batman of the Future”, not “Batman Beyond”. My mind is finally at ease!

  2. Exactly, as a native Spanish speaker who grew up with the dubbed version, finding out that the original name was Batman Beyond and not Batman of the Future was pretty weird xd.

    Btw, batman del más allá(beyond) can be understood as Batman from the afterlife too, as "más allá" can refer to that.

  3. Yeah, I was introduced to this fantastic art as "Batman of the Future" here in the uk.
    I really loved that title back then.
    "Batman Tomorrow" and referring to him as the "Tomorrow Knight" does sound dope asf tho.

  4. It wasn’t because Messiah. Spanish ppl don’t pronounce it as Americans do so “mas allá “ might sound phonetically like messiah to an English speaking person but not so a Spanish speaking person . The most likely reason is because the term “mas allá“ is often use to refer to the afterlife which would be confusing as this show doesn’t deal with the afterlife.

  5. In French, the series was originally called "Batman 2000" when the first season aired in May 1999. It was later renamed "Batman, La Relève" (which can be translate to "Batman's sucessor") in September 1999

  6. Man! Hearing batman del futuro in Spanish in this video brought so much memories from this series when I watched the show on Spanish in TV when I was a kid.