Lady Gaga Harley Quinn FIRST LOOK Costume – Joker 2 Set Photos

Lady Gaga Harley Quinn today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & breakdown of set photos filming! First look at Lady Gaga in costume Harley Quinn Joker 2!

Lady Gaga Harley Quinn today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction and breakdown to our first look at footage set photos of Lady Gaga in costume as Harley Quinn for Joker 2 aka Joker Folie a Deux from Todd Phillips! Share your own reaction to the first look of Lady Gaga as the Harley Quinn in full make-up and costume before you see the full movie in 2024! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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36 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Harley Quinn FIRST LOOK Costume – Joker 2 Set Photos

  1. Hard for me because Margo is the best Harley there is! Wish he coulda used her
    If she is a psychiatrist, then we have to see and believe the transformation and the relationship

  2. why is she always ties in feminism, transgenderism, words like malegaze, etc. into these things? as i guy i didn't even think about joker 2 wanting to appeal to feminists when i saw Gaga as Harley. If its a female character that is tough then it can mean a lot of things, it doesn't mean that its bad

  3. I love your objective take on dc and marvel. I also love that we are potentially getting a callus and aggressive take on Harley because we have never seen anything like this before. Honestly, this Harley feels like the kind of Harley that could have played opposite Heath Ledger’s Joker.

  4. If the studio were to turn this Harley & Joker relationship into more of an apprenticeship and/or partnership, I think that would be a great way to differentiate it from the other adaptations of our Dr. HQ.
    Then again, getting to see a live action film about a woman overcoming the manipulation & domination of an older man is still a powerful story that needs to be told.

  5. Am I the only one who wishes she has her pigtails with the blue and pink streaks and wearing something more similar to her Injustice 2 outfit or Dc superhero girls

  6. I like Gaga as an actor so even thought i am fan of Margot Robbie Harley Quin I am super exscited for Gagas version because this will be tottally different take, JOKER isnt like normal comicbook movie so I think second one also will be something else than comicbook movie and it will be totally different Harley Queen, so i wouldnt compare Margot Robbie version with Gaga version, because this is different type of movie. Well we will se i hope the infos about musical numbers are real, i am musical fanatic. I am super Harley fan, the only version that totally dissapoint me was the version from Gotham. Sorry for my english its not my first language.

  7. All the main characters in the first film were regular-looking people. A Margot Robbie-style Harley Quinn wouldn’t fit in with the bleak Gotham established In Joker. Portraying Harley Quinn as an average city girl gone mad works for me.

  8. I enjoy not knowing which type of Harley, she’s going to be. Why would I want to know this beforehand? She looks a little like Lee Bermejo Harley to me.

  9. No I don’t think there’s a case to be made that Harley Quinn is replacing the Joker lol he has a billion dollar film and a sequel. Harleys movies… So no I don’t think there’s a case here.