Making a REAL Batman Armory – The Dark Knight

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This Dark Knight Batman Armory was an absolute dream build for me. ‘The Dark Knight’ has been one of the most influential movies in my life and having a piece of Bruce Wayne’s cave is so freakin’ awesome. Hope you enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “Making a REAL Batman Armory – The Dark Knight

  1. No offence, but as if you just said “I started dabbing it”- then did the dabbing pose. You think you’re cool, but you’re so cringe. Just act like a normal person 🤷‍♂️ it’s one thing being a nerd, I am a nerd, but you don’t need to say or do stupid things to try to look/sound cool. It’s embarrassing.

  2. You sound so bored while trying to sound funny. Doesn’t work- “I knew Gotham needed me so I stopped complaining”. You sounded so flat saying that.
    Also- “we’re using simple materials, baby”- so cringe. You’re not Austin Powers, or from the 60s. You don’t sound cool saying that. You sound cringey.

  3. I know that you don’t have a lot of time because of your batman suit bit after could you please make a blue beetle helmet from the new trailer of blue beetle

  4. @Propway, I showed this to my husband who's an engineer and asked him to help me make one and he said to me "your cosplay projects are getting out of hand, I'm drawing the line at a full-size armory." lol, he won't let me be great lol. But I'm definitely building the Dark Knight suit when you put that up 🙂

  5. Make sure that 3D printer has a good exhaust so you don’t breath in “ “Carbon monoxide “ Stay Safe and “ May the force be with you”, oh sorry that’s Star Wars.

  6. I want that display with the Batman suit in it. Then next to it I want “ BLADE”, “ Ironman” “ “ WarMachine” and a gun safe with my AR-15, Ruger and Glock.

  7. Hey @PropWay the gadget at 11:08 is the thing that hold the grapple gun on the belt. If you look at some photos in Batman Begins on the belt you’ll see it. Also loved the video and can’t wait for the build of the suit.