Melanie Walker “10” – Scenes | Batman Beyond

all scenes of Melanie Walker aka 10

TV Show: Batman Beyond

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38 thoughts on “Melanie Walker “10” – Scenes | Batman Beyond

  1. Melanie was one of my favorite recurring characters in Batman Beyond. Really wished Terry had read that note and maybe pulled off his mask in that alley while talking to Melanie. Man, I love my childhood.

  2. What I love about the relationship between Terry and Melanie is that Terry has to carry a lot of guilt and burden silently to help Melanie. He can’t reveal his identity to her, and as a result, she feels abandoned by him. Terry can only really help her as Batman, so he can’t be in a romantic relationship with her without revealing his identity as Batman. It’s a great relationship that helps to flush out many of the flaws to being a masked hero.

  3. Man, if I were a Kamen Rider, or a Power Ranger, I'd might always enter the World of Batman Beyond, thus meet a very attractive, beautiful blonde goth girl named Melanie Walker (10), of whom by the way is smokin' hot, I should ask her out on a true romantic date.

  4. I miss these cartoons, the ones that made us think. Didn't preach, didn't force messages. It was a portrayal of a characters, the setting, and their circumstances. It felt real enough. It felt believable.

  5. terry: bruce i think am in love whit a super villan
    bruce: and?
    terry: what?
    bruce: that comes with the job, sooner or later you will meet crazy hot super villains. and you have feeling for them. i had about 20 in my days.
    terry: and did you…
    bruce: yes every singe one of them