Why Villains Were The Key To Batman Beyond’s Success

Batman Beyond is without a doubt one of the best Batman stories ever made. Though we’ve passed the torch from Bruce Wayne to Terry McGinnis, they main reason this show was so successful was Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Without a sprawling cast of villains, Batman Beyond wouldn’t have reached the heights it did.

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46 thoughts on “Why Villains Were The Key To Batman Beyond’s Success

  1. Ink is basically their own try at Catwoman

    Spellbinder sounds a lot like Scarecrow who uses hallucinogens to cause terrifying hallucinations to his victims.

    The sound guy sounds interestingly unique though.

    These just seem to be nee tries at old villains 🤦‍♂️

  2. I absolutely HATE that Rocksteady didn’t move on to make a Batman Beyond game/franchise after Arkham Knight. The cards lined right up for them to bring Terry to the limelight.

  3. It could be interesting to see a dive into the episode Sentries of the Last Cosmos, season 2, episode 23. Especially with how the episode's story seems to mirror Batman's own publication history regarding who got the credit for the work, the episode also seems to have some surprisingly strong Star Wars vibes. Granted, the episode's antagonist is basically a one-off villain, but it could be interesting to guess why that particular character didn't have any appearances after that one episode.

    It's also a shame that episode seems to be one of the obscure episodes moving forward; it hardly ever comes up in discussions about Batman Beyond. Funnily enough, the episode credits only credit Bob Kane because it was produced and aired before the courts decided to put Bill Finger back in the byline where he belonged all this time. It's made all the more puzzling that this episode basically had the villain of the week having done the same thing Bob Kane had with the Batman publications, but the villain of the week took things a bit further and into more legally problematic directions.

  4. Arent batman villain's mostly a extension of himself? Like

    Joker : batman but was molded in anarchy rather than discipline and morals

    Penguin: batman but without the leadership initiative of being in frontlines.

    Riddler: batman but without the discipline or ethics or morality.

    Bane : batman but if he wasnt a detective and was a musclehead.

    Poison ivy : batman if he was a total control freak

    Twoface : batman but with identity disorder.

    Hush : batman but a villain.

    Mr Freeze : batman but with emotional baggage on his sleeve.

    Can go on but think ppl get the point.

  5. Well, to be fair, every comic book-based cartoon is made or broken by the villains. And while I liked Batman Beyond's villain, they're all based on some other Batman character (more of less). Inque is a mix of Catwoman & Clayface w/ a Mr Freeze-like motivation. Spellbinder is pretty much Scarecrow w/ advanced tech. And while Shriek doesn't have a direct inspiration (that I can think of, off hand), but he's basically just a stereotypical "mad inventor". But I'm glad they chose to give Terry his own villains & not just recycle most of Bruce's rogue's gallery.

  6. Heroes had the most tragic villains of all. They took what were a parody of the Fantastic Four and showed how horrifying it would be to have powers forced upon you. How something as petty as jealousy can ruin so much. And what the difference is between choosing to be a hero and forced into being one.

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  8. What about the kid forgot his name that was psychotic he tried to kill the guy that was running a get straight program for kids but he was mentally torturing them I think he would’ve been terrys joker if they had continued the series

  9. I think it's worth noting that even in Return of the Joker the story still focused on the fact that this show was Terry's Batman by hilighting the different styles between Terry and Bruce through the lens of Bruce's greatest villain. The exception to prove the rule.